Diogenes in America: Looking for an honest liberal, part 3. Layers of Control


Outside of sociopaths and the most self-absorbed among us, people are endowed with caring for others. Its a real and genuine factor that we as humans all experience to a degree. As Americans, we particularly have big hearts for those around us. Its this innate idea that so deeply woven into our character as a nation that compels us to give change to a homeless man, take time off from work to rebuild the Gulf Coast, and weep for the families of our fallen soldiers. However, its this default emotion when left unchecked and led away from logic that creates the modern liberal that saturates American politics today. And it is the heavy-handed use of these emotions and the dishonest manipulation of these opinions from which they derive their power.

A certain conservative celebrity often can be heard saying that when you join the Left, go ahead and check your brain at the door. I wont go so far as to say that mentality is right, but there is a hidden truth amidst this overstatement. Talk to someone who is not politically informed, and he or she will generally lean to the left, or sound like they do even if their personal ideology is miles away from liberalism. Why? Liberalism is the easy conclusion to our nations problems. What do we do with poor people? We give them money so theyre not poor. What do we do about people who dont make enough money? We take a little more from the people who have it; theyll never miss it. What do we do about people without health insurance? We give it to them. What do we do about terrorism? We leave them alone, and theyll leave us alone, too.

It all seems so simple until you delve into the realities of why this reasoning doesnt hold true. Mankind has known for centuries that giving money to a poor person almost never solves that problem. No society in history has succeeded in the redistribution of wealth and having a stable, growing economy with an intact middle class. Health insurance is not an inalienable right, its a privilege (and the current horrid state of our medical system is to blame for the cost of health insurance being so high. Its a direct result of governmental meddling in our healthcare, the lack of torte reform and the socialization of medicine: all profits of a liberal agenda. And bullies on the playground, much like terrorists, dont leave you alone if you ignore them: they continue to take your lunch money and hit your kid sister.

While the basis of modern liberalism seems to be caring for the individual, its truthfully a political ideology thats designed to empower few, but the result is the enslavement of many. At its core Liberalism is nothing more than a layered system of control for those who are in power. It doesnt care for the downtrodden individual. While it may state that it cares for them, it may feel that it cares for them and it may sound like it cares for them, the truth of the matter is that the end result is veritable enslavement. It doesnt promote a healthy economy: it destroys one. Answer these questions honestly: Who has preached liberalism for the past 75 years: Democrats. Who has preached socialism as the answer to our problems for the last 75 years: Democrats. Who have the people who are addicted to entitlements consistently voted for over the past 75 years: Democrats. Its a disgusting cycle of emotional rhetoric misguiding people into believing that Democrats care for them. Take Ted Kennedys passionate discourse on the plight of the middle class in America, for example. Teddy has never lived in the middle class income bracket and his actions speak to a man completely out of touch with his fellow man. When he claims to speak for the American people, hes actually speaking for the agenda of white, rich, liberal New Englanders, which constitutes about 4% of our total population.

At one point, people genuinely believed that the Socialization of our economy was good for the country. But studying our economy or taking a cursory look at world history for even a brief period, you cannot continue to argue that socialism is good for it today. Basic critiques of handouts and welfare clearly state that the current method of implementation as it exists today is flawed at best and in reality is counter-productive. We have seen this result proven over and over again, but because we are a caring people, we still are prone to subscribe to this defunct ideology. Any honest debate of the system would agree on that. Lets take Social Security into account. The concept behind personal accounts was to give individuals more control over their own money, give them the potential to make more money in return and to re-invest into the economy. Democrats jeered at this idea. What if the stock market crashes and people lose their whole retirement, they said. This is a scare tactic, plain and simple. Name me one wealthy person in the US who doesnt have money in the stock market. The fact is MOST people invest heavily in stocks and base their retirement on the returns they get on their money. Over the last 50 years, the stock market has gone up exponentially. In 50 years when millions of Americans could cash out their social security stocks, the market will have gone up exponentially according to all measures of probability. So why then would politicians not want this to happen? Simple. They lose control of the money and lose control of power. It has nothing to do with protecting less fortunate or vulnerable people. Social Security is simply another method of control.

How will Democrats continue to get the votes of the elderly without something to scare them about? How many times have we heard Democrats assert Republicans are trying to cut your Social Security? They again play on the emotions and fears of people to scare them into voting for them. Its sad. Its dishonest. And its manipulative.

They use the same tactics for people who are addicted to welfare. Republicans are trying to take away your check. The only sad part about this is that Democrats have no desire to help these people, only get their votes. If they really and truly did want to help them, they surely could have provided some measurable relief over the last 75 years. Conservatives do want to cut their welfare checks, but they want to find ways to get them jobs where they earn their own money. Democrats in control of the party have no desire to do this. The same can also be said for the Democrats long-standing stance on immigration. If Democrats pander to illegals and give them welfare and roads and healthcare coverage and schools for FREE, theyll vote for Democrats.

This is just a tiny bit of liberal hypocrisy about the way they lead, they way they really think and the way they argue. Peter Schweizer has written an amazing book called Do As I Say (Not As I Do) : Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy . He factually describes how the biggest liberal leaders of the day (guys like Al Franken, Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Ted Kennedy and the Clintons) absolutely do not live what they preach.

This is not to assert that average citizens who vote Democrat are out for power. On the contrary. I believe you just as everyone else out there who subscribes to their weak, porous philosophies have been mislead by their emotion-filled arguments. Its easy to do. Bush lied, people died. That statement is rhetorically charged, factually baseless and emotionally convincing. Its designed to emotionally change the topic of debate to a moral issue: something intoxicatingly simple. Nevermind the facts that are on paper, listen to the emotion. Its liberalism 101. But, leading Democrats have to argue this way. Its the only way they can stay in power. Someone needs to tell them its not working as well as it used to.

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