Our Mission

While this weblog is intended as a repository and creative outlet for conservative thought, it is unique in a number of ways. First, the editor and creator of Voice Potential is an academic and holds a graduate degree. He is a Professor of English in Arizona. He and Brooke are conservative professors earning a living in a liberal academic world. The featured writers, to date, are all professionals in their respective fields. We have experienced, collectively, the best and worst a liberal education can offer. And though we are conservatives, we are independant thinkers and disagree on a variety of issues. What is important is that we have learned to respect this diversity of thought.

We have found that Universities aren’t really the place for the free expression of thought. While they religiously claim their “tolerance” for the views of others, many professors use their classrooms as a political platform for so-called “progressive thought” and argue their right to do so by teaching virtually every subject from the perspective of what the material reveals about society today. While society today is decidedly political, the views offered in classes are often one-sided and politically biased.

The problem today is that while professors claim to be tolerant and open to other ideas, many universities are, in reality, cloisters of like-minded individuals. Politics are discussed openly in the halls and classrooms, and professors openly declare their political and anti-religious views to their students. While studying Milton in a graduate class I attended, the professor openly declared that there was no God. “I’m sorry,” he said, “but it’s true.” I’m still not sure who he was trying to convince – me, or himself.

This weblog was invisioned as a place where people can once again realize and assert their own voice potential. Many blogs offer a couple paragraphs of “opinion” and a forum for discussion. Many of those attracted to such sites aren’t really interested in any real debate, nor do they wish to have their views challenged. It never occurs to most that they might actually change their perspective.

These sites are places where the “like-minded” mentality, developed in school, continues to assert itself and dominate discourse. Challenging these static views only results in an unproductive form of political combat. Tragically, such sites have created a language of their own as they assault conservative values, and the tone of the discourse is demeaning and intended to define conservatives as ignorant, uniformed – even facist. Christians, of all denominations, are fodder for this kind of ridicule.

This site will not participate in that style of discourse. Our featured articles are, and will continue to be, researched, thoughtful commentaries on news, politics, and other interesting aspects of our society. People of all political views are welcome and encouraged to participate in the discussion by posting their comments after any of our articles. We promise to foster an open, positive, and inquisitive dialogue. We value real research and respectful, constructive discourse, not political ideology.

– Keith Eubanks II, Editor and Contributing Writer