Recreactional Weed Prices


For most states, anyone over 21 and with a government issued ID can buy recreational marijuana including California where it was legalized as from Jan 1 2018. You also have an option of growing up to six plants at home although you need to obtain a grower’s license. However, despite marijuana’s main streaming, an underground market for cannabis still lives and its far much cheaper compared to dispensary weed prices.

The US recreational weed industry, which is about four years old now, remains decentralized, kind of funky and diverse thus this translates to strain prices in the market. Tyoically, every grower and dispensary have their own version of demand and supply. There is no systematic approach to pricing as you could buy a similar O.G. kush for $16 a gram while someone else sells it for $10 only.

The legal weed prices have significantly dropped in the past few months due to the suppliers who have rushed into the business at a high rate than the demand in few legal-weed states. The black market also poses a huge problem which is the traditional way through which most people used to buy weed. Most of the small marijuana business owners however, are in no hurry for the pricing structures that are imposed by the government.

There are sites however, that provide users with estimated dispensary weed prices for various states hence you can always visit these sites to see just how much you may need. You should however be warned that the weed sold in dispensaries is not cheap and some may not accept to sell weed under $16.

The pricing of weed mainly depends on what the stores decide is a healthy increase to contend with the marijuana taxation laws. The thing is, black market weed will always be cheaper than that sold in shops as it is not imposed to taxes or any other regulatory prices. The increased taxes on legal weed may actually boost the underground weed, which is an advantage to the black market vendors.

These recreational marijuana dispensaries are usually heavily guarded and while you might get carded at a night club, you will definitely be asked to show your photo ID. You should not get surprised if you find the guard checking you is armed as these dispensaries are many a times run as cash businesses. State laws also require that whoever buys and sells is recorded hence there are a lot of installed CCTVs.

For the local governments, the legalized marijuana provides a strong incentive which is an additional tax revenue as the pension and other expenses rise and for this reason, the dispensary weed prices could be really high. However, the dispensaries found in violation of set rules for sale may have their licenses revoked.

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